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Eastern Front: Operation Barbarossa 1941(Luftwaffe operations in the Baltic)

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July 16, 1941. Deutsche Wochenschau No. 567. Army Group North: Luftwaffe operations over the Baltic states.

German bombers in action against Soviet troops near the Peipussee (Lake Peipus). Soviet fighters. The attack is repulsed. The pilot of this aircraft is wounded, nevertheless he remains at his post. German fighters arrive. They immediately go after the Soviet aircraft. .... Enemy machine after enemy machine is hit and destroyed. In a short time the Soviet units are dealt with. The German pilots dominate the skies.

And here an attack with all weapons against a Bolshevik troop transport. Thus has the Luftwaffe through the destruction of the enemy railways prevented further operational capability of the enemy. Here important military material was destroyed before it could reach the front.

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